Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A "One Kid" Story

Often, when parents want to have their kids skip grades, someone will bring up the tale of "one kid" who was accelerated years ago. In this tale, the acceleration experience turned out horribly for everyone involved. As a result of this "one kid," the school won't allow other children to accelerate.

I'd like to present the story of "one kid" who did a lot better after accelerating.

Dustin Hartman has always been a very bright -- and very sensitive -- boy. He had some bad experiences in school several years ago, to the point where he developed migraines and stomach pains. His mother fought for him to get an appropriate education that didn't cause him to be so unhappy that his unhappiness turned into physical illness. The solution she and her school finally hit upon? Radical acceleration.

Now, Dustin will graduate from high school at age 13. You can read about his story in this Chattanooga Times Free Press article.

Acceleration not only made him happier, it made him healthier. It's a story worth clipping for whenever someone brings up that "one kid" who had a bad experience.

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