Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Profoundly Bright and Profoundly Bored

ABC's Nightline featured the Davidson Academy of Reno, NV on Monday night. For those of you who didn't get a chance to see the show live, there's a written version available here.

I've been following the progress of this school since I attended the ribbon cutting last August. Setting up a school is never easy, and the teachers and administrators at the Davidson Academy had to do some quick thinking and reshuffling in order to make sure the kids were getting the education they deserved and the challenges they were able to handle. But as the Nightline story pointed out, they did it. That's the difference between a school that caters to profoundly gifted young people and one that simply does not. Often, kids are told to simply wait for the others to catch up, or that this is the solution that's been decreed for this year, so just deal with it. But as one parent who was homeschooling her gifted kid once told me, what works now is guaranteed not to work in six months.

That's a tricky proposition to create a school around. Schools by their nature are institutions that resist change. So the Davidson Academy's flexibility on this count is encouraging news, even if it has made the first year more of a challenge than many schools deal with.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have missed that program! Why wasn't this site advertising it?
Well, the big world finally knows that there are those among us who are willing to cater to the smartest. And it sounded (from the internet version) like the school is going to grow! I wish there was a governor school like Davidson's in every state (state mandated governor's school!). Way to go Davidsons!

Laura Vanderkam said...

Ania: I'm sorry I didn't advertise it earlier! The air date had been quite up in the air and I didn't learn it was for sure a go until Monday evening (I don't think the people in the program learned until then either -- news driven shows like Nightline are always subject to change). If it's any consolation, the transcript is very close to what actually aired. Hopefully they'll make video clips available -- you might try writing the show and asking that they do so. Laura

Anonymous said...

The video version