Thursday, June 05, 2008

Core Competency Moms

This post is not specifically about gifted education, but about parenting. I had mentioned on this blog a few months ago that I was looking into the rise of middle-class household chore outsourcing (just as corporations are focusing on their core competencies -- ie, what they do best -- families are starting to as well. For moms this tends to be nurturing kids and the paid work they do). I've even spoken with some readers about the topic. Now, I've been posting a series of essays over at The Huffington Post on "Core Competency Moms." Here are some links; I'd be thrilled if you checked them out and left a message or two.

On Not Doing Dishes: The Rise of the Core Competency Mom

Life, Uncluttered

On Wasting Time: Are You Reading This at Work?

A Happy Mom's Secret: Don't Do Your Own Laundry

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Anonymous said...

So here is my secret for peaceful life in family of 2 physicians & two kids of age 8 & 4.
1) Write down your priorities & live with them as Opposed to " I have priorities".
2)I outsource 2 major chores : cleaning & laundry. In exchange the peaceful uninterrupted time with kids is priceless.
3) I insist on organized/planned cooking as opposed to carry out 5 days/week (I do carry out once a week). I think, we must pass on basic cooking skills to our sons & daughter, if we were to do any homework to prevent obesity in future generations. Being Indian Vegetarian helps.
4) I truely work 50% .
That's a secret of a family where life otherwise could have been extremely stressful with kids not knowing who there parants are & parents not knowing when kids grew up( not in age or height but emotionally & Psychologically).