Thursday, November 20, 2008

USA Today: Tailoring school to the child (Homeschooling)

After much delay due to big political and economic news, my column on outsourcing homeschooling, "Tailoring school to the child," finally appeared in USA Today today. The timing actually wound up being good, because I led with the question of where Malia and Sasha Obama should go to school. Reformers suggest the DC public schools; realists talk about Sidwell Friends. But homeschooling is actually a viable third option -- even for busy families like the Obamas! -- and would have some real educational benefits (not to mention allowing the girls to travel more with their parents and reduce some of the security risk).

Thank you very much to all the Gifted Exchange readers who helped out with this column. You are a great source for stories and information. So here's the discussion point for today: I'd love to hear even more stories from families who are "non-traditional homeschoolers." That is, both parents work, you're a single parent, etc. How do you make it work? Is it worth it? Would you recommend it to someone else?


Gyles said...

I too read this news through USA Today... I like this!!

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that homeschooling seems to depend on finance. Alternatives all cost a lot of money. I think it was JFK who said "Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation." Did he mean only for those who can afford it?