Friday, March 05, 2010

Idaho encourages gifted kids to graduate early

Acceleration is good for gifted kids -- allowing them to move through school at a rapid pace without dredging up some of political issues that dog other accommodations. Now the state of Idaho is realizing that acceleration can be a money-saver for governments, too.

According to the Associated Press, a new Idaho plan would pay kids to graduate early. (Direct URL: -- I have been having trouble with Blogger on getting the whole URL in these links lately).

Kids who finish high school up to three years early would be eligible for a scholarship of $1600 for each year they don't do. That sounds like it would be a new expense for the state of Idaho, but of course it isn't. Every year that a kid spends in the Idaho public schools costs the state $4593. Not only will the kids have the opportunity to move on to more challenging work, the state will save about $3000 a year. The one problem, of course, is that tuition at a place like the University of Idaho runs more than $1600 a year, but at least this is a start.

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