Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 2010 Davidson Fellows

I am on vacation this week at the beach, but wanted to make sure Gifted Exchange readers got to see the list of the 2010 Davidson Fellows. You can read the list here.

What might be particularly interesting to people is that this is the 10-year anniversary of the fellowship program, and the Davidson Institute asked former fellows to report back about what they were up to. The answer? Most are still in school -- which makes sense for people who won when they were 14-18 years old. You can read their stories here. A few have, however, entered the working world (check out Anders Kaseorg, who co-founded a company called K-Splice, and won an MIT entrepreneur-of-the-year award). I expect this will become a very interesting feature in the years to come.


sfireblue said...

It is all good and well to nurture the talent of these "super" gifted kids, but what about the many "less" gifted ones left behind in the school systems across the nation?

Of interest is the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell who posits that success (such as that of the Davidson scholars) has more to do with circumstance and luck, than pure talent.

Laura Vanderkam said...

I believe most of us would say that these are not mutually exclusive goals. Schools need to do a better job nurturing all students. And they also need to do a better job nurturing students who have amazing capabilities. And by the way, a kid who spends 20 hours a week in the lab on top of his school work and other extra-curricular activities is not "lucky." He is working really hard.

Anonymous said...

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