Sunday, August 07, 2011

Khan Academy, and Learning by Mastery

I'm in the early stages of trying to write something about the Khan Academy. This online library of video tutorials on different subjects exists to break down much math, science, economics and other knowledge into discrete units. You go through at your own pace, and when you master a particular topic, move on.

So who is the target audience? This is where this all gets fascinating. It could be someone who discovers she needs algebra skills on the job... or someone in rural Morocco sitting at a library computer... or students in a US classroom whose teacher likes the Khan approach. Wired recently ran a story on school classrooms where advanced kids could move ahead at their own level, with the teacher checking where they were getting stuck, and answering questions.

There is much to like about individually-paced instruction, particularly the idea of moving on to new material as soon as you've mastered other concepts. So I'm curious if any Gifted Exchange readers have experience with Khan Academy tutorials, or if your children attend schools that use them.

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Annie said...

As a homeschooling mom, I love Khan Academy videos. I use them for math primarily, an area where my boys excel.
The beauty of Khan is that I am one fallible human. Once in a while, I struggle to find the words to get a certain point across. I understand it, but can't convey it. Rather than end up frustrating my sons, I whip out Khan and let the boys have the advantage of an skilled teacher in my own home. It's fantastic. Thanks to Khan, my sons aren't held back by my teaching abilities.