Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kindergarten orientation

Today was a milestone for me - I accompanied my "baby," now age 5, to kindergarten orientation. He had bright shiny white shoes and an even brighter smile. He was so excited to go wait at the end of the driveway for the bus. Today I got to ride with him. Tomorrow he goes on his own. His class, he told me afterwards, has 14 kids -- this is the upside of taking the PM kindergarten option!

I hope that he'll learn a lot this year and most importantly, will keep thinking learning is fun. As we were hiking over Labor Day weekend, he kept wanting me to ask him math questions. "I love this, mommy! This is my favorite game!" I hope that he'll keep thinking that puzzling through problems is an exciting way to pass the time.

What are your hopes for the school year?


'Nother Barb said...

First of all, best wishes to you and your son for a great year full of learning, friends, and fun.

Now for my hopes for this year: my youngest is in 8th grade. The students are all getting netbooks, so I hope that they learn how to use new tools to enhance the academic learning, and that I can keep up. I hope that, now that he can take a high-school-level class, the HS board and union agree on a contract so the high school doesn't strike. I hope that, with a gifted ed specialist taking over the LA class, he is challenged but not overwhelmed (she is known to pile on the homework, from past experience).

My elder son is a college freshman. I hope he dedicates effort to his general requirements as well as his major. I hope he makes good friends and good decisions. I hope he washes his sheets at least once this semester. He seems to be relaxing a bit after the initial nervousness and tension, and I hope that continues. I hope the textbook we ordered that was lost in the university mail is found.

With one boy gone for 3 months and another gone for 9 hours a day at least and a dear husband gone for 12 hours a day, I hope that I run out of excuses and finish painting kitchen.

Anonymous said...

My kids are in a different school this year.

I hope that my 3rd grader makes friends quickly and settles into her new environment. The first few weeks have already been a bit stressful for her because of social concerns. I also hope that she relaxes into school and gets over some negative self-perceptions imposed by the previous school (she still thinks she is bad at math because she couldn't write both fast and neat enough to take timed math fact First grade). She loves science (the kid gets excited about Mythbusters and the Discovery Channel), so I hope she feels that she is learning a lot.

My kindergartener has already settled in pretty well. He talks about his friends, he makes up homework for himself to do on the days he isn't assigned any. So far, he gets one pretty basic worksheet a week. Last night, for his self-imposed assignment, he wrote the alphabet out twice, once in order. The second time he drew a line down the center of the page and alternated sides of the page, going down from the center (hard to explain, and even I didn't quite see the pattern until my husband told me...and then I realized how complicated he made it and how he followed through with his pattern to the very last letter). LOL. He's a hoot. I hope he isn't bored :)

For us parents, I hope we have a good year, with less stress on us, less stress on the kids. And that the kids don't hold on to resentment for the big change (It is for the best...It is for the best...It is for the best...I think I can...)

'Nother Barb said...

Update: my son took charge of tracking down the misdelivered textbook, learned that university staff WANT to help out (twice he told me how nice someone had been), and I swear I felt his sign of relief come through his text when he delivered the good news. One of my hopes was that he'd, well, grow up and take care of things like this, and he has been, and he's actually enjoyed it. I feel much better. Shall I let you know if he ever washes the sheets? Uhhh, maybe I'll let that one go.

Laura Vanderkam said...

'Nother Barb: I read the other day about some biodegradable sheets that never have to be washed... something to look in to!

nicoleandmaggie said...

I hope that DC1 is challenged (I'm really hoping that they're just doing review at the beginning of the year and that's why he's getting 100% on everything) and that he loses the perfectionist streak that snuck back up on him over the summer.

I hope he isn't bullied and that he is able to take things in stride and that the school is at least as good a social fit as it was last year even though this year he's starting to realize he's different. And I hope different never turns into superior, or at least takes a while to do so.

lgm said...

My hopes are
1) that all of the teachers are competent in the subjects they teach
2) the Regents in NY decide that 9th and 10th graders can earn college credit via dual enrollment since the school has no other appropriate instructional options aside from independent study.
3) the year goes safely. The partnerships with the police and the increased security is helpful, but it would be nice if the street element stayed in the street instead of bringing it in to the school.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Congratulations on the start of this journey! My daughter is in the first grade now. My biggest hope is that she retains the same enthusiasm for school that she had in K. On academic side I am hoping for some progress in writing - it's her least favorite subject.